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Just as aviation experts are to take the public up and beyond, going boldly where few have gone before, it seems that others have been fine tuning out visits to the skies. The long awaited arrival of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner is set to make its first appearance to the world at the Farnborough Airshow over in the US. While the new 787 is being shown off it still isn’t expected to make its first commercial flight till early 2011.

It was hoped that 2010 would be the big year to see this majestic beast take to the skies aiding business men or women and holidaymakers alike. The 787’s maiden flight was due in 2007, but even that was put back two years. It seems to decision to outsource much of the aircrafts materials and work has left it with many errors and shortages which have put the brakes on many deadlines and schedules. It seems that the wait will all be worth it, Boeing themselves have promised that the aircraft will produce 20% less carbon dioxide than other aircrafts that are of a similar size.

There are fewer seats in this Boeing and this makes room for the luxuries which are provided by selected suppliers, but I’m sure you can think of few companies which will provide high tech entertainment systems. Soon these energy efficient and speedy Boeing replacements might be putting the old guard to rest with the aim of making travel more comfortable for the passenger and less damaging to the environment.

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