The Gift of Stadia

When the like of you and I receive gifts friends there’s generally a £20 limit on what to get one another, but when this concept is scaled up to international level China decided to give Costa Rica the gift of a new national Stadium. The whole cost of such a package will rank somewhere in the high million bracket as it is expected to contain all the modern facilities.

This gift comes after China and Costa Rica recently made diplomatic relations, how cute, which resulted in Costa Rica giving Taiwan the cold shoulder, how mean. This new connection resulted in China offering to construct a new Estadio Nacional for Costa Rica with the previous one been built way back in the 1960’s. Chinese architects have visited Costa Rican professionals about the design and have both agreed to what will go into the new national sports arena. It is expected to have a capacity of 45,000 as well as plenty of food courts and shops throughout and also expected to have sizeable and efficient parking facilities in comparison to what there is now.

With work already under way, some 9 months into it, things are currently going very smoothly, in fact the Chinese company who orchestrating the construction already starting to install the roof structure on the stadium. With the roof work expected to be done by in the next few months or so a deadline for a finished stadium has been set for February 2011, which many involved think should be no problem at all considering their current pace. The Deputy Sports Minister Osvaldo Pandolfo had this to say, “The workers are very fast, construction is about 55% complete.” Which is great news for Costa Rica’s national sports teams because they will soon have a brand new and very modern home.

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