The Kravitz and Glamour

Rock star Lenny Kravitz has enjoyed international success with hits such as ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’ and ‘Fly Away’, but it appears the rocker isn’t content with music and so has joined the long list of musicians who have taken to the big screen. He was spotted at the Bahamas International Film Festival where the screening of ‘Precious’ was held.

The new film based on the novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire, in which Kravitz plays a nurse called John. The film itself is a story of a 16 year old girl during the 1980’s, and we follow her life in Harlem where she suffers extreme physical and sexual abuse. Mr. Kravitz seemed pleased with the film and on the red carpet talked of the enjoyment of his minor role and hinted this could be the beginning of a budding movie career.

The film has received critical acclaim as well as picking up numerous Golden Globe nominations, something which the films creators hope will transfer into the Oscar ceremony in 2010. The pending success of the film will indeed only increase Kravitz’s stock as an actor, and boost his potential careers aspirations in that field.

I do feel sorry for him, however, as yet another of these illustrious film showcase events is filled with a variety of stars left right and centre. What’s worse still is that the heat in the Caribbean island can only have been a hindrance, there’s nothing worse when wearing an Armani suit when you have to shed a layer or two because of tropical temperatures. It doesn’t help when you are trying to keep concentrated on the people showering you with superlatives on the red carpet, and you’re getting distracted by palm trees that shield golden sanded cove where turquoise waters are brushing up and down.

It must be tough right now for Kravitz, as I can imagine there is nothing worse than coming from being a worldwide success in the music industry to then having a crack at the film industry after. I for one wish him all the success in the world, and I’ll keep my eye out for the Jimmy Hendrix life story.

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