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Turkey Enjoying Prosperous Times

While the rest of the world endures a torrid economic crisis places like Turkey are blessed with a very warm climate which provides an endless supply of tourism which can always help the nation’s economy. Not only has Turkey received the bonus boost of tourism this year, it has exceeded itself in that particular market. Car and yacht rental companies have been cashing in over this summer with bookings as holidaymakers plan their journey to the likely south coast destinations.

Significant increases in vehicle hire has come as somewhat as a surprise to many, but add that to the planned increase in domestic flights then you have a mini financial boom which can only help the Turkish economy.

Car hire in Turkey has experience a 50% growth which is mostly connected to summer and the influx of tourism. This has resulted in prices to rise, as you might have expected, by around 30% across various companies, but many have stated that they still don’t have enough cars to meet the overwhelming demand. Yacht hire has enjoyed a similar success this year with bookings increased for this summer and into 2011. Luxury yachts are also a target for many holidaymakers as many hire companies expect to export a few to various high class resorts.

The money flowing throughout the many holiday resorts along the ‘Turkish Riviera’ will only improve the facilities on offer. Perhaps the beaches will have more water sports, the streets more top class restaurants and the bars are that much livelier due to increase of tourism.

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