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Early Boom Ahead of Summer Sale’s

Despite ash clouds and an economic recession the people of Britain will not be deterred from soaking up the sun on the world hottest beaches. Travel agents across the nation have seen a growth in sales in the early months of this year which shows encouraging signs that the economy itself is getting better, but also that the tourism industry isn’t showing any scar’s off the economic decline.

One company which has seen a significant growth in sales is Western & Oriental Travel who have recorded a 52% increase of its financial year which ended at the end of March this year. The luxury tour operator has enjoyed a good year and now that the country seems on its way out of the doom and gloom of a recession then it surely can only go on to have yet another successful year.

Tour operators as a whole have enjoyed a 30% increase and experts believe that bookings have a good chance of increasing still for the rest of the year. Although a number of obstacles still remain in the tourism industry, BA strikes for example, these are good signs that people still want to enjoy holidays on warmer shores or in unique settings. Western & Oriental Travel receives its good business despite political troubles in places like Nepal & Thailand which shows a determination from holidaymakers to get away, which leaves the imagination to wonder the figures of a year’s time when perhaps these are no longer issues.

Despite all the issues during what has been a turbulent year for tourism, tourists haven’t seemed to be deterred in the slightest when it comes to holidays.

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