The Real Jurassic Park

India’s Prehistoric Park

The Gujarat state in India is home to the world’s largest collection of dinosaur remains and is often referred to as the ‘Jurassic park of India’. Just an hour’s drive from the bustling Ahmadabad city, the park is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions in India attracting thousands of visitors each year. The 72 acre site is covered with hills and flatlands which all contain fossilised dinosaur remains; the site was accidently discovered in the early 1980’s by scientists on a routine geographical survey who stumbled across a large quantity of dinosaur fossils and bones. Further excavations have found fossilised eggs and a full skeleton which has been transferred to a museum in Calcutta.
Due to the tourism potential of the park, the India tourism department has recently declared that more money and facilities will be added to further increased the amount of visitors to ‘Dinosaur Park’. One of the main attractions of the site is the remains of what appears to be the only ‘Indian’ dinosaur in the world ‘Rajasaurus narmandensis’ whose remains were discovered only in Gurarat. Experts say that over 13 species of dinosaur lived in the area and traces of each of them can be found in the park. With guided tours and the chance to explore the fossils up close, the park is one of the most unique attractions in the world and is currently getting ready to launch an intense marketing campaign to bring more visitors to this real ‘Jurassic park’.

Author: Craig Holloway Dainton

Date: 13/05/2010

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