Things Heat Up for Firemen

Local firemen of Majorca’s capital Palma took a stroll down the catwalk in Abraxas Pacha which is a well known disco that many tourists head to. The reason for this little fashion show was to promote their 2010 calendar which has been produced to raise money for charity.

People were encouraged to come along to the show and pay €3 for entry and a further €3 for a copy of the firemen’s calendar. In the calendar you can expect to find every month a different fireman pictured posing with one of their trade tools. There will be around 3000 prints of the calendar for people to buy with the proceeds been spread between two charities, Proyecto Hombre and Senegalese Association of Majorca. The first is charity designed to help people with rehabilitation and social reinsertion whilst the latter is set up to help build a birthing room for people back in Senegal.

Many people tend to head to the coasts of Majorca during the summer for the sun and party atmosphere and many still head over during the winter period because the south city of Palma remains warm. Those visiting during the time of the catwalk show could have taken advantage of the few times that Abraxas Pacha will be open during winter to have a good party.

The firemen of Palma also intend to use some of the money raised from the calendar to organise and promote cultural and sporting events elsewhere in Majorca for all people to take part in and hopefully raise more money.

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