Think this is the Real Loganair? It Is!

Airline Offering Real-Time Information

The proud Scottish carrier airline Loganair is giving its old website a bit of a refurbishment this year with the aim of providing its passengers some real-time information about their flights. The ability to check online to see the status will certainly help people plan that busy day that little bit better.

Loganair is a Flybe franchise and the technology comes from the parent company which allows user to get the most up-to-date information about flights to avoid confusion and disappointment if disaster strikes. Loganair has received plenty of plaudits recently for having the most punctual flights leaving Glasgow airport. The average of flights leaving on time is 80% but the Scottish airline has betters that average with 93% heading up into the skies at the correct time. Commercial flights aren’t the only one’s which will come up on the new website as Loganair also fly’s mail and newspapers throughout Scotland, these flights can also be monitored.

With flying becoming one of the more common forms of travel, especially for business, it seems that the ability to track flights and manage your time better can only benefit you. Where those travelling for business purposes it could be essential information you have access that enables you to know exactly how long it will take you to get to that important meeting.

Despite having this information at your finger tips the airlines bosses are still urging people to adhere to the 30 minute check-in deadline to avoid a mad rush, which would inevitably delay the flight.

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