Top 10 Things to do on Holiday in Egypt


Khan el Khalili bazaar, Cairo

Get bargain gifts to bring home at Khan el Khalili bazaar in Cairo Image credit

#1 Haggle, Haggle, Haggle!

Haggle with the stall keepers in Cairo’s famous Khan-el Khalili bazaar, overflowing with commerce and crammed with perfumes, spices and local hands-on traders. Fishawi’s tea house has operated here for over 200 years and remains a great venue.


Camels at the camel market

Camels for sale at the Daraw Camel Market in Upper Egypt Image credit

#2 Buy a Camel

Okay, you might not get it past customs, but still – be sure to visit the Camel Market (Souq al-Gamaal) for an exotic experience, held every morning at Birqash, about 20 miles from Cairo. A livestock market is also held every Tuesday morning at El-Hebel, about 3 miles from Luxor.


Kharga Oasis

Mudbrick settlement at Kharga Oasis Image credit

#3 Discover a Desert Oasis

We suggest visiting one of Egypt’s six oases. Kharga (the largest) has a Berber community and astounding temples and museums. Dhakla has hot springs and those once-in-a-lifetime experiences – a camel ride across the desert. Farafra, the smallest of the six oases, has an ancient fort town, many more information for the traveler can be found at Siwa is the furthest West and most remote, but the most picturesque and memorable. Bahariyya is famous for its olives and dates. Al-Faiyum contains small pyramids and temples.


Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Valley of the Kings, one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world Image credit

#4 Visit the Pharaohs

Among other important spots to visit is The Valley of The Kings. This is where the boy-pharaoh, Tutankhamen’s untouched tomb was found. There are over eighty burials here in this series of valleys that interconnect one another. Your guide will fill you in on the best time to visit this on-going excavation site.


River Nile, Egypt

Views along the River Nile Image credit

#5 Cruise the Nile

A cruise down the River Nile usually takes place Luxor and Aswan and lasts for approximately five days. You can hire a Felucca from Luxor and take a brief sunset cruise to Banana Island, or a trip upriver to Aswan. For the best views of Luxor, though, opt for a Hot-air balloon trip.


Sunset Montazah Beach

Sunset in Alexandria Image credit

#6 Get an Egyptian Tan

“The Pearl of the Mediterranean”, a beach in Alexandria, still attracts wealthy Cairenes as a summer retreat. Amazing diving experiences are possible on Montazah beach. Just make sure to bring a scuba diving computer, when you go diving.


Scuba diving with a turtle in the red sea

The Red Sea boasts some of the world’s most exotic sea life Image credit

#7 Dive the Red Sea

The Red Sea has loads on offer, from spectacular diving to beaches with crystal clear waters along a stunning coastline. Often described as having the best diving sites in the world and resorts catering to singles, couples and families on all budgets.


Camel riding in the Red Sea desert

Please put back whatever you tear up for the next holidaymaker Image credit

#8 Tear up the Desert

Not only popular for its diving experiences, the Red Sea contains a desert playground, with 4×4 and camel treks across the deserts to the historic St Catherine Monastery and Mount Sinai.


Reef in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Temple dive spot, Sharm el Sheikh Image credit

#9 Snorkel the Reefs

If you’re looking for unforgettable diving experiences, try Sharm el Sheikh or The Ras Mohamed National Park, regarded as one of the Red Sea’s finest diving locations is just another of Egypt’s renowned spots for spectacular reefs and drop-offs.


Egyptian tour guide

A tour guide can turn a great holiday in Egypt into a spectacular one Image credit

#10 Don’t Get Lost

The best way to make sure your visit to Egypt is a pleasant one is to plan well and hire a guide. With over 90 pyramids, Egypt can be a vast place and you will surely get lost if your days are not well thought out. Read up on the culture before going and decide what sites would interest you the most. If all goes well, by the end of your exciting holiday, your mind will be open with the ancient perspective of this great, ancient civilization.

Note: This article was originally published on our Egypt holidays page, but has been moved here for relevancy purposes.

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