Tourist Numbers On The Up

Canadians Scramble to the Skies

Although there seems to be no official word on the worlds current economic crisis I’m willing to say that things are starting to turn quite a few corners. A few airlines have went bust over what is the busy summer period, so it is reassuring knowing that some airlines are experiencing a mini boom during the final month of summer. The airlines in question are two from Canada, WestJet and Air Canada. Both the airlines have enjoyed a year on year growth in sales for the month of August.

While 87% of seats are being filled on flights, which is the same measure as the previous year, there has been an revenue increase of 7.1%. The airlines have been working hard to utilise what they have currently in terms of fleet and they are managing to put as many people on flights as possible. WestJet have improved the percentage of seats filled on flights by 11.3% helped by 8.2 increase of traffic for the month of August. These are encouraging signs for airlines even though this success is occurring across the pond. I can only imagine that business outside the main season of tourism offers hope that people are ready to hit the skies once more.

With summer only ever around the corner these increases might just be an indication for what airlines worldwide can expect when the New Year begins and summer holidays are once again on people’s minds. Hopefully those who have been saving this year will have money to enjoy a relaxing beach break in 2011.

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