Tourists Warned Against Christchurch Visit

Earthquake Recovery Still in Initial Stages
Tourists planning on visiting Christchurch in the coming week are being advised to rethink their plans after the New Zealand beauty spot began its ‘recovery journey’ after last week’s earthquake. Travel agents are urging travellers to contact them to postpone and rearrange plans, with thousands of people already booked to visit the city it is set to be another crisis for the tourism agency. The national tourism office in New Zealand has been working closely with worldwide travel operators and the emergency services to bring up to date and reliable news to visitors both in Christchurch and those looking to visit in the next few weeks.
The city’s main international airport is already fully operational with flights available to nearby cities and regions. Several airlines have changed their schedules to adapt to the crisis with many adjusting their flight amendment policies to cope with fallout of the earthquake. New Zealand tourism executive Kevin Bowler stated that The city has obviously been seriously affected and if visitors are planning a trip, they should contact their travel agent and accommodation provider before leaving, the important thing is that those living and working in Christchurch are able to sort out their own safety and well-being in the first few days following the earthquake.
The 7.1 magnitude quake caused the ground beneath the city to shift by up to 11ft; luckily there were no reports of any deaths. More than 500 commercial buildings and 10,000 homes were either damaged or destroyed in what many are calling the biggest earthquake to hit the city in over 90 years.

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