Tourists Warned over Balconing Craze

Spanish Officials Take Hard Stance on Worrying Tourist Activity
A hard hitting public information campaign is being released by tourism officials across Spain and the Balearic Islands after a new craze among holidaymakers took a tragic turn. Hotels across the popular tourist areas have been ordered to install safety nets after an Italian tourist fell to his death from a seventh floor balcony in his hotel in Playa den Bossa. ‘Balconing’ is a worrying new craze that involves jumping from one balcony to another or even into the hotel swimming pool, so far a large number of hotels have reported injuries and six people have been killed. Tourists are being given written warnings regarding the activity when they arrive at their hotel.
An awareness campaign has been launched to try and stop this fatal ‘sport’ which has become extremely popular in the Balearic Islands. A graphic video campaign will be released across Spain and the islands to try and raise public knowledge of the potential tragic consequences of ‘balconing’ in the same style as the graphic road safety adverts that were shown across the UK. Steps have been taken by tourism officials in Spain to stem the growth of ‘balconing’, along with the safety nets many hotels have had to raise their balcony railings to deter potential injuries through the activity. Police across each of the popular tourist resorts have also been advised to hand out fines of up to £300 and to issue orders for all offenders that are caught ‘balconing’ to be sent home. The Ibiza Hotel Federation president has released a statement regarding the tragic craze stating that “These young people think they’re heroes but they’re kamikazes.”

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