Tragedy On Domestic Flight

All Dogs Go To Heaven

An American Airlines flight leaving Tulsa, Oklahoma heading to Chicago, Illinois had 14 kennels aboard with dogs going to various locations, but tragically 7 died as a result of the journey. The incident is under investigation as it is believed that regulations may have not been correctly followed which has resulted in these unfortunate deaths. As of yet the airline has made no conclusions on the matter.

It is being reported that the morning of the flight was very warm with the temperature reading at Tulsa International Airport soaring as high as 30°C (86°F) and staff in charge of loading the plane commented saying that the dogs were looking “lethargic”. The importance of the temperature reading before the flight bares some important significance because the American Airlines websites explains that animals will not be accepted onto flights if it is more than 85°F. The website also goes on to guarantee that animals are kept in a temperature restricted environment to avoid extreme heat or cold weather. Currently the dogs are undergoing a necropsy to accurately determine the cause of death before fingers begin to be pointed.

With the facts that are currently available it would appear that American Airlines are liable for the death of all 7 dogs aboard flight 851, though officials have claimed that the airline handles peoples animals with the upmost care as they would any passenger. While that may be the case it would appear this incident might be an isolated mistake, but it is a mistake all the same, one which could prove costly.

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