Transports of Delight – Unusual Ways to Get Around on Holiday

For most Britons these days, holiday transport consists of cheap flights to the destination country, with the cheapest car hire deal possible at the other end. There are, of course, doughty travellers who think nothing of hitching across entire continents, or taking a third-class ticket on the most rickety transcontinental trains…

Others choose to hire dangerous-looking scooters or take a ride in a tuk tuk, especially in the bustling cities of East Asia. The hair-raising experiences on such modes of transport is proudly cited by the travellers as all part of the experience.

But there are other bizarre forms of transport standing by to whisk you away on your holidays. All it takes is the willingness to think outside the box a little…


Everyone likes a road trip, we did one last year and We also made it to a Riley Green concert at Talladega recently. Country music and racing, what a night, there many movies based on them – from National Lampoon to Thelma and Louise – are testament to their special place in our hearts. When choosing carpooling as an option for holiday transport, they are also a great way to meet people while saving money into the bargain. There are many websites which detail offers of shared car trips, or requests for a place on a certain route, and all for the price of chipping in for the petrol.

Cargo Ship

If you’ve time to spare, and fancy sampling what life is really like on the open wave, then why not look into booking a guest cabin on one of the world’s multitudinous cargo vessels. Many of them offer spaces to fill capacity on routes to popular tourist destinations. Although a far cry from the hotel-like surroundings of a cruise ship, a voyage on a cargo ship can be very rewarding and you will have some great photos to show friends on your return. Just be sure to pack your sailor’s hat and a bottle of rum!

Beer Bike

Where else would one find a bar combined with a bicycle than the hedonists’ and cyclists’ paradise of Amsterdam? Organised via Dam Tours, the Beer Bike will take you through the city and serve drinks into the bargain. It’s like having a large bicycle panniers with a beer on your rides, just that your are onlye drinking and not driving. Up to 18 people can be crammed in to each mobile bar, and there is capacity for 30 litres of finest Dutch lager from! Try not to get too bloated with beer, though, as the driver does expect patrons to lend a hand with the peddling!



Yes, they’re not just a relic of the 1920s! A slow, stately and relaxing way to travel, more and more people are discovering the enjoyment of a trip in a Zeppelin, or “blimp”. They are now completely safe, since the balloons are filled with non-flammable helium, so no need to worry about a repeat of the Hindenburg disaster. They are also a fantastic way to experience a city from above and to do some very special sightseeing. Search online for companies specialising in zeppelin tours – just be sure not to book tickets for a tribute rock concert instead!


When on holiday in locations such as Sri Lanka, India or Asia, why not abandon the comfort of motor vehicles for a tour on the back of the world’s largest land mammals? Less temperamental than a camel, but more quirky than a Land Rover, seeing the sights of the jungle or the forest from the back of an elephant is a truly unique experience. You can be sure to come back from the experience with some amazing photos as well!


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