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Job’s Saved Despite Recession

To many of us the recession has caused us to cut back on frivolous spending and cut out the surplus luxury in our lives, though the northeast travel company Hayes Travel seemed to have prospered after they bought a small North Yorkshire company Ryedale Travel.

Hayes Travel has come from a local outfit to a growing travel company which has already bought out St Andrews Travel before Ryedale Travel last year. This money spent goes along with their aim to challenge the ‘big boys’ of tourism. Despite been in a recession Hayes Travel is managing to make headway in their attempts to grow bigger and spread wider across the nation. Tourism has taken a blow from the recession, but with the belief that nothing lasts forever, Hayes Travel have put themselves in a stronger position when the economy comes back to normal.

The takeover of various businesses has seen Hayes Travel improve its impact on the holiday market and the areas which they have been working on are fairly close to their northeast base. The way things are moving the travel company look like they are steadily moving south, picking up little companies along the way, before they reach capital city and start going up against the best in the business.

The bonus from Hayes Travel picking up these various companies is that they have been saving jobs of those currently working there. The way it seems to work is that they themselves get contacted by companies who are struggling and looking to sell, and so long as the deal is beneficial they take it up.

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