Troops to Deal with Snow

From Sand to Snow

It seems the British troops are having to turn their efforts to domestic issues during the coming winter in the UK. The idea to draft the army in was made after roads aren’t been cleared quickly enough, which as a result has an effect on everyday life.

Places in Scotland have only just been able to recently re-open roads. This is why the likes of Edinburgh Airport and Glasgow Airport have been forced to delay flights after the weather in the skies has cleared.

While flights and airports are now able to run on time as most of the heavy snow has stopped, the effects down on the ground have seriously affected travel still. A part of the M8 in Scotland opened for the first time in two days yesterday. The further north you go, the more the weather is still having serious effects.

Down in London you will find that both Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport are back on schedule and things are running smoothly once again.

According to the Met Office the weekend forecast suggests that things could even be quite sunny rather than anything else. Going into next week is much of the same, but many suggest that we may have seen the worst of thing for now. However, in the New Year there is the potential for heavy snow to return, so hopefully we have learned some lessons in advance.

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