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Tourism in Iraq Just Got Interesting

While Iraq probably doesn’t come into your top 10 wish list for holiday destinations there is now certainly significant reason as to why you would visit out of leisure and that is the Tikrit Palace. During Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror he constructed a large stronghold in Tikrit which can be found just less than 100 miles north of Iraq’s capital Baghdad. Built as a rich man’s paradise this palace is surrounded by various villas in the largest complex built under Saddam’s dictatorship.

Tikrit is the birthplace of Saddam and now he isn’t in power local delegates have moved to make the complex a major tourist attraction. The cash strapped province aim to make the 76 abandoned villas and Tikrit Palace a place where people from all over the world can learn of the horrors committed by one of history’s most infamous dictators, while he relax in supreme luxury and comfort at his peoples expense. Adolf Hitler had various holiday homes around Germany placed out of the way in scenic surroundings which are now tourist attractions where people can visit the former residency of one of Earth most evil men. Likewise Tikrit Palace offers tourists an insight into the home and life of the late Saddam Hussein.

The number of religious visitors to the area is large, over a million a year, but few stop to see the ruins of what was the countries tyrannous dictator. The main aim is to bring in tourists from the world over to marvel at the luxurious home and its many rooms which are now in ruins.

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