Tsunami Warnings Ignored

New Zealanders Police Urge People to Heed Advice

Hundreds are said to have ignored the Tsunami warnings given out by police, the warnings comes after a recent Chilean earthquake and should have been acknowledged accordingly. Despite the warnings people still made their way to the beaches even though the Civil Defence Minister John Carter believes there was the potential that lives could have been lost.

There were reports of people who ignored the warnings and made their way to the beach actually getting caught up in surges of water which Carter believed could have led to “loss of life in our waters and it is a credit to the team who managed his event that that didn’t happen.”

Despite the national warning that went out people were prepared to take the risk, one of those to do so was Joe Nawalaniec who avoided any harm but now regrets his decision.

“If I was maybe 20 or 30 metres to the south I wouldn’t have been so lucky because it would have carried me out in this massive river out to the Ocean,” he explained. Of course Joe wasn’t the only one to ignore these warnings and the main reason for this was because people simply didn’t believe the magnitude of the situation. Many were under the impression that the warnings were simply overly precautionary, though this wasn’t the case.

The earthquake in Chile resulted in the tsunami dangers and the John Carter raise concerns that if people don’t heed this warnings when there is time to alert the public to these dangers, what happens if an earthquake occurs much closer and there is even less time to warm people.

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