Tube Strike Cause Major Disruption

London Underground Mayhem

The planned strikes have begun this week with hundreds of rail workers in the London Underground have joined together in protest which has left the tubes running on a skeleton staff. The strikes have begun after the announcement that plans are afoot to axe 800 jobs from the London Underground service, this news was met with anger and disappointment from the Rail, Maritime and Transport and the Transport Salaried Staffs Association.

Millions of people commuting in London during what is a normal working week have been met with queues of people waiting for the few underground trains still running. The time it has taken people to get around the city will have a large affect on jobs elsewhere in the city. Commuters have to fill the buses and find other forms of transport when getting from A to B as a result of the mayhem caused by the strikes. The London Underground’s managing director, Mike Brown, was thankful to the “rock solid” support shown from some members of staff which was still allowing the London Underground to run at 40%. The thereabouts figures are that there is around 194 trains of the 500 that are still in operation trying to satisfy the public’s need for the underground to be working.

The Transport Secretary believes that the strikes will do more bad than good for those protesting as the need to axe jobs was because of financial constraints, yet these strikes are further damaging the overall finances. The strikes are set to continue for the rest of the week until the issue is resolved. More updates to follow.

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