Tunisia and Egypt “Exceptionally Good Value” This Winter

Brits looking for a budget winter sun getaway over the coming months are being encouraged to consider holidays to Egypt and Tunisia, both of which the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) has described as offering “exceptionally good value for money.”

Abta spokesman Sean Tipton said that as daylight hours begin to shorten and temperatures plummet, many Brits will start to plan getaways for the winter 2011-12 season. He picked out a few traditional British favourites such as the Canary Isles, north Africa and Cyprus as good options for sunshine and warmth over winter without having to spend too much time flying to the destination from the UK. However, Mr Tipton highlighted Egypt and Tunisia as offering particularly good value this year, due to political and social unrest in both countries.

“Tunisia and Egypt in particular are offering exceptionally good value for money following the demonstrations earlier on this year, which had a knock-on effect on business,” explained Mr Tipton. He went on to also highlight how British travellers are returning to cheap holidays in Spain, Portugal and other traditional eurozone holiday favourites, and how this trend was expected to continue into 2012.

At the other end of the scale, a recent report by Euromonitor International found new trends towards sustainable travel emerging in Europe’s luxury travel sector. Travellers with deeper pockets appear to be seeking out more ethical and sustainable holiday options, according to the study, with holidaymakers showing increased demand for tours and accommodation demonstrating sensitivity to the environment and local communities.

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