Tunisia Rail Gets EU Loan

Electric Project Gets Aid

Tunisia is one of Africa’s most developed countries and it will soon be benefitting from a huge project which will see an electric generator built within Sousse City. This plan aims to vastly improve transport in the region, not only around the city but going to other areas along the Tunisian coast.

Sousse City is a popular tourist destination in Tunisia and with the aid of a brand new transport system will help people connect to other areas nearby. With the prospect of becoming a travel hub, the city is clearly optimistic about the project’s success.

The total cost of the project is set to cost around 388 million Euros, 194 million of which is coming from the European Investment Bank (EIB). The EIB, along with other European firms, have given a separate loan to Tunisia in a different deal concerning rail which adds up to 297 million Euros. This separate rail project is set to cost 1.8 billion Euros in all.

Tunisia is certainly putting a large emphasis, and a large amount of money, into an area which they feel has major benefits. The biggest cities from around the world prosper from having fantastic transport facilities that allow tourists the ability to move around freely. While fast and effect transport means that tourists can travel smoothly, it also helps those living and working in the city too.

This multi-million rail project is another indication of how African nations are becoming much more developed and how tourism certainly plays a major part in its economy.

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