Twister Tours Taking the World by Storm

Visitors Flocking to Experience Strom Thrills
A new brand of tourism has emerged in the American Midwest attracting thousands of people from all around the world. ‘Twister Tourism’ has emerged as the new number one extreme tourism activity with thrill seekers arriving in the Midwest in the hopes of getting close to one of the many tornadoes affecting the area. There are several companies within the Midwest that are promoting the activity with many offering specially designed packages to ensure that storm chasers are in the right place at the right time. One of the owners of a dedicated storm chasing company states that “The first year I just had two customers and was wondering if my business would last, but it went much better than I anticipated. One of the reasons is the popularity among international visitors.” Overseas customers from Britain, Japan, Australia and Italy are so far outnumbering the amount of American visitors looking to follow theses natural phenomenons.
The tours tend to include visitors being packed into a van full of observation equipment which then heads off into tornado ‘hotspots’. Although this may not seem like a luxury travel experience many visitors claim that the thrill of approaching a tornado is definitely worth the money. Along with the tornado tours, there are companies around the Midwest that offer lightening, giant hailstone and dust devil packages. With around 1,200 tornadoes occurring each year in the US, it is the ideal spot for experiencing one of nature most ferocious events. With a range of prices for the packages it is destined to become even more popular.

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