Twitter Travel Hero Paul Steele: 150K (Real!) Tweets Later

Any of you acquainted with Twitter in any way will probably have heard of the ‘Bald Hiker’ Paul Steele…

Travel blogger, avid hiker, charity fundraiser and all-round good bloke, Steele has built a substantial following on Twitter by simply building connections with people through his desire to learn and to give. The vast majority of his thousands of tweets (“99.9 per cent” according to an estimate on a recent blog post) come from the man himself, and most are sent from his trusty iPhone! He is about to hit the 150,000 tweet mark, and is giving away some travel goodies as part of a competition to celebrate this milestone.

Through his @Paul_Steele Twitter handle, Steele engages with people based on their Twitter content, rather than because of how many Twitter followers they have or how influential they may be. This approach has won him respect and influence, and he has been able to harness his influence to bring benefit to charities. One of his many recent trips included a fundraising climb of Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak outside Asia, raising money for UK blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan.

We grabbed him in a spare moment and asked him how he got into Twitter in the first place, and also how he turned his passion for adventure and travel into something which has gone on to benefit so many people:

“It was all a big accident,” he admits. “I joined Twitter over 3 years ago – I was just tweeting, sharing and enjoying myself all around the world at the time.”

“I have a huge passion for hiking and challenges, so I started Twitpiccing them live with my first smartphone,” he adds. “I can only think the fact that I shared that with others meant that when it came to my other stuff my friends took an interest… It has snowballed amazingly for me and I truly thank all who listen, see and share a whole lot!”

Our thanks to Mr Paul Steele for inspiring all of us to travel more, to give more and to seek out those amazing stories buried in the lives of all the people we’re connected to, by whatever means!

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