UK Air Traffic Halted Due To Reykjavik Eruptions

Latest News on Flights Delayed by Ash Clouds

The UK’s Air Traffic Control Service (Nats) have announced that according to safety procedures in connection to the International Civil Aviation policy, that no flights will be sanctioned either in or out of the UK as a result of the ash clouds that have come from the volcanic eruptions in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Met Office has explained that the potential danger of ash clogging the engines of aircrafts is far too great to risk and the only outcome is to halt flights until such a time when the ash clouds have gone or the levels of danger a greatly reduced. Flights were already cancelled in airports throughout Scotland including both Edinburgh and Glasgow but with this news that the UK as a whole is effectively shut down it won’t be long before unrest settles in with disgruntled passengers.

Major airports in the north including Manchester, Newcastle and Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport have all come to somewhat of a standstill, with businessmen and women and holidaymakers both in limbo. Airline companies look to suffer from this unexpected natural disaster with British Airways cancelling all of its domestic flights from London and other city airports. The airline is already offering refunds or rebooking options to its customers as a result of the situation. Ryanair have cancelled all flight in and out of the UK for the whole of today and expect delays to carry on into Friday also.

The current update of when flights are estimated to resume service is sometime after 6pm until officials are fully satisfied that the threat of risk from the ash clouds is at a minimum.

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