UK Set for Heavy Snow

Rail and Flight Disruption Ahead

It seems that many people have become regular visitors to the Met Office website in order to keep aware of and on top of preparations as far as heavy snow goes. As the weekend comes nearer it is expected that snow will start to fall more and more with the end result causing delays and cancellations.

Those living and commuting via the likes of London airports and London rail will need to be aware of what poor weather conditions will bring. Train and bus users around the English capital can expect disruptions going into the weekend as can various other areas throughout the UK. However, those forms of transport still always manage to run on some level.

When it comes to flights the headaches can be little more throbbing as rearranging could take days or weeks. For those who have planned winter holidays, you may have thought the worst of the snow this year has passed, but it seems it has only just begun. You are more likely to get flights from easyJet cancelled than a train service from national rail.

The internet will be working overtime once again this weekend with concerned travellers looking to find out whether their flights or train have been cancelled as a result of the heavy snow that is expected.

Holidays this weekend might be in trouble for many, though I’m sure that commuters will appreciate an extra lie in courtesy of snowfall.

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