UK Set For More Snow

Snow Forecast

It appears just as the worst of the heavy snow from the past few weeks has melted, yet more is due to be on its way! The freezing temperatures, bitter winds and snowfall are set to return to various areas throughout the UK and will likely once more cause havoc.

The north of the UK is the main area that looks like it will endure the brunt of it, while the south west will just about avoid the worst of it. The Met Office has issued warnings and their website will allow you to check the forecast for your area over the coming week.

Roads and airports were brought to a standstill towards the back end of November and the beginning of December. The likes of Edinburgh and Glasgow Airport were forced to close on various days as conditions weren’t safe for flights. London’s Gatwick and Heathrow Airport had to make cancellations and delays as a result of heavy snow.

It would be wise to check online with your tour operators and airlines if you have flights coming up as delays and cancellations may well return before the end of the week.

Check back during the week for more UK weather updates.

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