UK Steps Up Tourism Campaign for Olympics

£1bn Initiative to Promote the UK
A brand new marketing campaign has been set up by the British government to help the UK make the most out of the upcoming London 2012 Olympics. The budget for the campaign is speculated to be worth around £1bn and culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has stated that it must aim to be “the best tourism marketing plan that any Olympics host country has ever had”. With the games set to cost the UK around £9bn, the campaign will hopefully ensure that the tourism revenue covers the initial costs.
The campaign will build on the lessons learnt from other large scale events such as the Olympics in Sydney and the World Cup. The government is aiming to create a lasting tourism legacy from hosting the game and keep visitors coming back to the UK even after the games have finished. The marketing campaign will focus on the many fantastic attractions and experiences that the UK offers from the history and culture to the spectacular countryside. By showcasing all that the UK offers culture secretary hopes that visitors will see that Britain is much more than just the base of the games.
The campaign is not just focusing on attracting overseas tourism, the tourism board is also hoping that the marketing initiative will encourage more UK holidaymakers to stay at home and enjoy what the country has to offer. Although the Olympics is the main event to take place in the UK during 2012, the Queens Diamond Jubilee coincides with the games and offers yet another fantastic reason for tourists to both visit and make the most out of what the UK offers.

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