Untouched Village Facing Tourism Influx

Cabo Plumo’s Idyllic Reef Facing Development
A 20,000 year old coral reef is at the centre of a dispute over a massive tourist development which will draw thousands of people to a remote part of Mexico. Cabo Plumo is one of Mexico’s most beautiful spots with idyllic, untouched beaches that are only usually found through word of mouth. This village is situated just two hours from Cabo San Lucas which is known for its over populated tourist hotels, luxury villas and celebrity mansions, until now mass tourism has not touched Cabo Plumo however this latest development may change this.Image result for cabo pulmo
The plan for Cabo Plumo will include a large scale tourist town, a jet port for private planes and several golf courses. Locals and environmental groups are already starting to protest the upcoming developments arguing that the project will have detrimental effects on both land and sea. One local stated that “The government is blocking its ears and allowing a project like this, right on the limit of the marine reserve. As if there’ll be no damage beyond an imaginary line”.
The residents of Cabo Plumo have already experienced an agreed ban on commercial fishing to ensure that their everyday habits no not affect the preservation of the reef, but you can go and use one of The Best Inflatable Kayak and enjoy a day in the water. The plans do offer some provisions for protecting the environment including a ban of lights on the beach to avoid causing disturbance to the endangered turtles. Water recycling and solar power will also be used although this will cause added expense to the building company.
With development on Cabo Plumo apparently inevitable it seems that before long it will become one of the most desirable destinations in the world.

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