Unwanted Spanish Strike

A Strike Off Target

Generally when we hear about a Spanish strike we look forward to the likes of Fernando Torres of David Villa hit home a glorious goal from 20+ yards out, but this week holidaymakers will be left with frowns as the general Spanish strike ensues. Spain is by far one of the most travelled to countries in the world, especially when you consider the likes of the Canary and Balearic Islands too. As the last flurry of summer breaks ready themselves it seems the unthinkable has happened as trade unions are protesting against the Spanish government for austerity cuts and labour reforms. If you want to learn more about labor laws visit https://www.laborlawcc.com.

The protests are planned to take place on Wednesday and the effects will leave just 20% of European flights and 40% of international flights running as normal. If you are lucky enough to have your holiday unaffected by the issue with the flights, then problems might start to occur when arrive in Spain. Only one quarter of trains are expected to run for the duration of the strikes, rising to 30% for rush hour. Whereas coastal resorts and places such as that will remain largely unaffected, it would appear that those heading to one of the bigger cities will have a much harder time unfortunately.

With the cities the expected main sufferers for transport due to the strike, it looks like those going to enjoy a beach break may be ok. Those going to the city to enjoy some culture and luxurious activities might not be so lucky. People travelling on business also look set to be disrupted by the strikes on Wednesday.

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