Vegas: As If There Wasn’t Enough to Do

The Valley of Fire

Perhaps you would think there is more than enough reason already to visit ‘sin ‘city’ this time you may consider visiting one of Las Vegas’ more natural attractions. Once you have made your way through the various live shows like Cirque du Soleil or any one of the marquee names showcased along the strip, not forgetting the endless amount of glitz and glamour casinos, and after all that if you still have a penny or two try out the Valley of Fire.

Some find that the likes of the Grand Canyon is a touch too far whilst others see the Hoover Dam a little too overcrowded, which leaves the Valley of Fire as the remaining. Go see the brilliant landscape dominated by red sandstone that has been moulded by time and erosion to create dunes and rocks that have taken impressive and compelling shapes and formations. Some say that by storing at the rock for an amount of time will reveal faces and shapes that will both baffle and amaze you.

The 42,000 acres of Nevada’s oldest state park gives tourists the chance to walk to landscape that is a great place to let your imagination run free. With natural formations of the rock taking the shapes or arcs and each section more enthralling than the last you will have taken the opportunity to appreciate the real beauty of the region away from all the neon lights.

So whilst in Las Vegas don’t pass up the opportunity to see something a little different than the usual, who knows you might catch a glimpse of some real snake eyes.

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