Vegas Best for Carefree Holidays

Stressed out workers needing a relaxing, carefree holiday should head to US leisure-Mecca Las Vegas, according to Oscar Goodman – former mayor of the city and chair of the local tourism authority.

Mr Goodman highlighted the possibility of getting away from it all in Vegas, leaving troubles and worries far behind and getting caught up in the city’s non-stop whirlwind of fun and excess. He said that what distinguishes Vegas from other destinations is the sense of freedom and fun that can be enjoyed there, allowing visitors to unwind and indulge in a few days of hedonism. there are casinos both brick and mortar ones and online like sbobet indonesia that can be enjoyed while in Vegas.

“When people are burdened with their daily lives or are experiencing a situation where they’re unhappy or frustrated, Vegas provides an outlet for them, an escape,” said Mr Goodman. He went on to describe Vegas as an “adult play land” but also stressed that families with children could also find plenty of reasons to the visit the US city. The current economic climate does not seem to have dampened spirits in Las Vegas, with an extra 5,000 new hotel rooms having been opened in recent times and occupancy rates around a healthy 85 per cent.

2010 saw more than 37 million visitors descend on Las Vegas to play live poker, slots, roulettes and whatnot – helping the city’s casinos generate more than $15.7 billion in revenues. As well as the grand hotels and gambling venues, Vegas offers visitors a huge range of shows and other attractions to fill their holiday time. There are even a selection of museums for visitors looking for more cerebral stimulation, including the Las Vegas Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement and the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum.

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