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Visits to Sydney, Australia generally consist of lapping up the sun, exploring the city and experiencing the nightlife. The city itself isn’t always the attraction but instead the outskirts where various landmarks and natural attractions take the limelight, one in particular is the Jenolan Caves. The Jenolan Caves have always attracted a fair amount of interest from tourists but it seems now they have a whole new reason to visit, and it’s because you can enjoy a tour in Klingon.

Tours of the Jenolan Caves are self-guided via audio tapes given to tourists generally provided in a number of languages, such is its popularity. The reason for this isn’t because of a sudden increase of Klingon speakers across the world, or the fact that Klingon remains have been discovered there. The Jenolan Caves were once used in the Star Trek series Next Generation in the episode ‘Relics’. A star ship in the actual series was named the USS Jenolan as a result. Officials from the Reserve Trust said that is a fitting tribute to offer a Klingon tour of their caves to the many fans who visit here each year.

The Jenolan Caves are located within the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. It will be the Nettle Cave which has the offer of a Klingon tour. The system of caves offers an intriguing experience, exploring the various rock formations and underground rivers that have developed over the centuries. This new addition to the cave tours is certainly going to cause an increase of interest as it certainly is a one off chance ‘trekkies’ won’t want to miss!

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