Volcanic Explosion Increases Icelandic Tourism

With lava still pouring, visitors are rushing to get a glimpse of the volcano

An unconventional tourist attraction is bringing thousands of visitors to Iceland. The Fimmvorduhals volcano erupted on Sunday morning and has been gushing bright orange lava ever since. Although the initial eruption sent hundreds of people away from their homes, the past few days have seen a rise in the amount of visitors coming to catch a glimpse at this stunning display of nature’s power. Hotels in the area are already starting to offer special packages to combine their facilities with the spectacular views of the volcano. One hotel manager has stated that ‘we have the eruption just next door and the view is just amazing. There aren’t a lot of four star restaurants that can offer dinner and a view of a volcanic eruption’. The Hotel Ranga has even started offering helicopter rides over the volcano, with three helicopters that are piloted by pilots experienced from the Kauai Helicopter Tours, they are already taking visitors and Icelanders over Fimmvorduhals.
Although experts do not know when the eruption will end, local residents were allowed back to their homes just one day after the initial blast in the remotely populated area east of the capital city, Reykjavik. A popular hiking trail close to the volcano has been reopened for visitors to experience, however local authorities are advising that anyone choosing to take the path does so at their own risk. Bus tours to the volcano are also being offered by bus companies, allowing tourists to experience the eruption at twilight. As the first eruption to hit Iceland since 2004, it seems that as long as the lava is pouring, so are the visitors!

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