Warning: No Boring Beach Photos Allowed

Before heading off on holiday just lying around in the sun on a beach seems like heaven, but often after you’ve spent a few days doing that you start to need some distractions.

Taking photos is an essential way of both remembering the trip and showing your friends/colleagues/enemies back home what a great time you had, so why not get creative and entertain youself while you do! Everybody likes cheap holidays at the beach but nobody likes dull photos, so here’s a very quick guide to how you could spice them up a little.


Kids are always doing goofy things so make the most of the situation and take some amusing shots. This little chap’s holiday face is quite something.


Get some action shots – make people think you’ve done more than lie around sucking on cocktails all day. Dramatic angles, face-plants in the sand and mid-air shots like this one are all good.

Animal Antics

If you’ve got pets with you on your holidays then you have no excuse for boring pictures. Like this little chap their characters really come out in new siuations, and of course you automatically get the “aww” factor.

Sandy Pranks

Burying people is a classic prank at the beach, and as long as you dig them out again, is a pleasurable experience for everyone involved. Key things to remember are to leave their face exposed and to keep all foodstuffs well clear of the dig site. Gritty sandwiches may also be a classic beach experience, but should be avoided if possible.

Work the Clichés

Irony is always fun, and striking some clichéd poses makes you look witty and entertaining. Maybe. This chap has combined a beach babe pose with a crumpled bear mask, to excellent effect, as I’m sure you’ll agree.


If you can be bothered to stick around until the sun sets, photos like these are the perfect conclusion to a day’s beach photography. They also provide a fitting end to blog posts about beach photography.



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