Weather Forecast Looks Grim

Oh Snow, Not Again!

Already the threat of snow has become a hugely discussed and reported issue, so much so that many of us are tired about hearing about it, but unfortunately it won’t be going away anytime soon. It appears that another bout of heavy snow is set for the shores of the UK this weekend similar to the one which saw various airport delays and cancellations.

The weather forecast warns that heavy snow is due to make its way down the UK from Scotland over the weekend whilst wreaking havoc in its wake. Winter travellers are the main losers in this situation because unwanted delays and cancellations are to be expected.

Throughout the UK there are going to be a number of disruptions due to the weather, London experienced this with both air and road travel. The Scottish capital Edinburgh suffered a similar snowfall nightmare having to close its airport.

While many of us look at the weather forecast and brace ourselves for more snowfall, its places like Tenerife that will be looking on with little sympathy. The Tenerife weather is what makes the place desirable during winter as the sun is always shining. Many people who will see their flights delayed or cancelled will have been heading to the shores of Tenerife most likely.

Whilst the rest of us in the UK look on with envy, others will be enjoying a long day at the beach. Be prepared this time around and make sure you plan long journeys well in advance, especially if you are heading to the airport.

Check back here for updates on all the UK’s major airports.

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