Weather in New York

Reality of a White Christmas

As the odd rain shower begins to melt the snow around the UK and airports are becoming less concerned about the weather, people are already looking forward to spring while our neighbours over the Atlantic Ocean are having a nightmare.

Similar to the criticism of UK authorities got for their lack of preparation dealing with heavy snowfall, New York has been majorly affected as the result of a blizzard. Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York, has come under fire for not being able to organise snow plow’s to clear the streets for workers and commuters, but this also affects the tourists in the city. Those looking to be part of the Time Square celebrations during the countdown for New Years may have to make other plans.

Flights at John F Kennedy Airport have suffered delays and cancellations which has brought along a fair few disgruntled passengers. Tourists looking to get home have now become stranded in the terminals because of the weather in New York. Flights due to land have been diverted as the runway is deemed unsafe for portions of the day following heavy snow.

Meanwhile, over in Tenerife the tropical climate prepares itself for a strong influx of tourists looking to warm up during winter. The weather in Tenerife is so good that the island throws a festival which allows people to enjoy the sun and a fiesta atmosphere.

The contrast in weather certainly shows and I’m sure I can guess where most people would rather be. A New Year’s celebration over the Canary Islands is a much more desirable thought than in the snow drenched streets of New York.

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