When it Rains it Pours

Torrential rain and very strong winds caused havoc on the south on the River Nile in the Egyptian city of Aswan. The disaster struck a week ago, Monday January 18th, where a storm overturned a tourist’s boat claiming the life of one of the 4 passengers aboard.

The sudden downpour caused the Nile’s waters to become very unstable and whilst 4 British holidaymakers were enjoying a day on a boat. The storm was so aggressive that it flipped the boat over sending all 4 on board straight into the Nile. The BBC were first to report that the Egyptian Foreign Office had confirmed one of the tourists sadly lost their life as a result of this natural disaster, the other 3 passengers luckily survived the ordeal.

The name of the man whose life was claimed by the incident was Luke Day, a French teacher at a school near Norwich. Luke was on his honey moon with his new wife Sophie Nicholson-Cole, and spent his last moments of life heroically trying to save her life which ultimately cost him his own.

Family, friends and of course the now widowed Ms Nicholson-Cole are now left to mourn the untimely death of Luke whose selfless acts cost him dearly. Many tributes came from those who loved him many saying that what he did was ‘entirely in character’. The father of Ms Nicholson-Cole told of how his daughter had been left ‘traumatised and devastated’ as a result of Luke’s death, and how she struggled so much get her husband so much so she swallowed a lot of toxic water making her ill.

Colleagues from the school he taught at also sent their condolences and admitted that ‘his death was a big loss to the school’.

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