Who Will Get Your Vote?

Before The Big Vote, Take A Look At What The Parties Plan To Do About Tourism.

The UK Election is at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment however you have considered how your party will affect tourism? Whichever party wins the election will have their own, unique view of how tourism will work within the country. If you are worried about how the election will affect your future holiday plans, take a look at some of the key points from each of the three parties, tourism manifesto’s.

  • Labour is intending on investing more than £2b in tourism over the spending review period. They have already spoken out about their commitment to improving and protecting Britain’s tourism heritage especially with the upcoming Olympic Games. The VisitBritain campaign has been set up by the labour government as a self-funded organisation to ensure that tourism is promoted nationally, regionally and locally.


  • The Conservative party are also recognising the huge impact that the 2012 Olympic Games will have on the country and will establish a fund to ensure than London is marketed to its full potential both during and after the games. Along with VisitBritain the Conservatives are planning to introduce Local Tourism Partnerships to better coordinate local tourism plans. The Conservative are also planning on giving the Minister for Tourism more power to engage with the industry and ‘champion the flight of the industry within Parliament’.

Liberal Democrats:

  • The Liberal Democrat Party have detailed in their manifesto that they would like to increase the grant-in-aid to VisitBritain over the next few years, however they are also planning on introducing a VisitEngland body to take a lead role in marketing, similar to the VisitScotland body. They aim to have a Business Minister rather than a dedicated Tourism Minister to ensure that the industry gets the recognition it deserves in the new government.

Author: Peter Ellis Amoore


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