Winter Has Arrived

Severe Weather Warning Issued

Many of us will have awoken this morning to look out the window and see landscape blanketed in white snow for miles. If this isn’t this case for you, then you have all the joy to come.

The Met Office has already issued 9 severe weather warnings in various areas in the north of the UK because of expected ice and snow. For a lot of people this means a long and arduous journey to work or to drop the kids off at school, but for others it could be signs of what they are escaping.

Regulars to places like the Canary Islands will be looking forward to getting out of the country whilst winter runs its course. However, this bad turn of weather can also affect aviation as well as automobiles.

Holidaymakers may have been grinning as their pending departure saw a cold freeze covering the UK, but this weather is more than likely going to cause its fair share of delays and cancellations.

Luckily for airlines this isn’t their busy time of year although evergreen resorts will still be welcoming tourists. The Caribbean and the Canary Islands are two such areas which rarely have an off season in terms of sunny weather.

There has been no major news concerning issues with flights or flight times, though it can only be a matter of time. While the scenic beauty of Britain will enjoy a makeover there will still be many people who would trade it all in for mango trees and sun loungers.

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