World Cup Brings Big Spenders

South Africa Spending Hits New Highs

With spending totals already over the $128 million mark, tourism in South Africa has been given a real boost by the ongoing Fifa World Cup. The biggest spenders are the British, taking credit for 51% of the entire total throughout the tournament.
From information gathered through consumer transactions, British tourists have spent the most between the 1st and 20th of June. The Brits were closely followed by the USA, Australia, Brazil and France who have also splashed out on accommodation, restaurants, retail goods and transport. Compared to last year’s tourism spending figures South Africa is boasting almost double the $83 million total from 2009. One of the biggest changes in spending habits is the use of credit cards, since the World Cup kicked off card transactions have jumped up by 80%. Many people spends a lot on their card and many have the benefits of SoFi credit card consolidation plan. They save tons of money with lower interests. With both England and the USA still in the competition, the second round of the tournament is set to bring even more revenue into the country. South Africa is also hoping that the success of either of the teams will encourage more visitors to head to the country to join the celebrations and cheer on their team. Some tourists will have to use the services available at
The South African Department of Home Affairs has released figures showing that over 682,507 tourists made the journey to South Africa for the World Cup coupled with the amount of people moving in and out of the country and this figure reaches 1.7 million.
Tourism executive Thandiwe January-McLean has stated that “At any one time, more than 400 million people are watching the game. The exposure has been great for us. The World Cup helped us do away with stereotypes about the country

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