World Cup Holidays

Submerged in Euphoria

Despite all that is wrong with the world football has once again united people and turned attentions to biggest stage of them all. The continuous noise of vuvuzela’s has all but deafened people, though the 2010 World Cup in South Africa would have been very different without them. As the tournament draws to a close I was recently struck by a great idea which I think can benefit future travellers who are looking to enjoy the atmosphere and euphoria of international tournaments at a low cost.

While people are scraping every penny they have to spend on flights, accommodation and match tickets to get to a game in South Africa, there is a way where the atmosphere can be the same though you may miss out on live action. Recently I was on a weekend break in Amsterdam and I hadn’t even considered the world cup at the time of booking, fortunately for me the Netherlands were playing Brazil in the quarter-finals, and won, then the city erupted! What was supposed to be a few good nights turned into a few great ones. I didn’t want to leave as the streets where covered in orange as the city came together in celebration.

My idea is to travel to the cities of participating countries in an international tournament, perhaps at the latter stages where the atmosphere is cranked up. Imagine celebrating an England triumph in London or been gathered in Rome when the Italians lifted the world cup. Of course nothing can replace the feeling of being there when in it happened, but that isn’t always a possibility. So for next time consider city travel to enjoy your share of somebody’s glory.

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