World Cup Warnings

Foreign Office Warns Fans to Be Careful
With the World Cup just around the corner, the Foreign Office has issued a warning to football fans expecting an easy ride or even a ‘get out of jail free card’ during the tournament. With thousands of supporters ready to start their journey to South Africa today, there are fears that without careful action disasters may occur. Lost plane tickets, match tickets and travel documents are just some of the possible things that could go wrong if fans spend too much time drinking and partying.
The Foreign Office is handing out information cards to travellers at UK airports to ensure that everyone is aware of what the government can and cannot do to help them if things were to go wrong during their time in South Africa. The ‘Be On The Ball’ campaign is aimed at preventing any upsets for travellers, campaign manager Phil Lord states that, “If you experience a serious problem during the World Cup such as an accident, you are a victim of crime or lose your passport; the local British consulate can help you. However, it is important for football fans about to travel to support England in South Africa to understand that we can’t provide you with free flights home or issue you a replacement football match ticket.”
Previous tournaments have seen the Foreign office bombarded with requests from fans that have lost tickets or missed flights and are looking for a free solution. The information cards handed out will stress that the Foreign Office cannot pay bills, give out money or get them in and out of the country without a valid passport. Football fans are also advised to ensure that they have valid travel insurance as South Africa’s healthcare system is very expensive.

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