World Recognition for Shaolin Temple

Chinese Heritage Honoured

One of the latest additions to UNESCO’s World Heritage List is China’s legendary Shaolin Temple, well known as the soul of Chinese kung-fu and Zen Buddhism. During a meeting by the World Heritage Committee in Brasilia, Brazil it was confirmed that the Shaolin Temple should enter the prestigious list of world sites due to its overwhelming importance to Chinese culture. As a result China now appears on the UNESCO list 39 times.

The Shaolin Temple is a terrific complex which has many parts to it which are still in regular use today. Areas’ like the Songyang Academy, Zhongyue Temple, Taishi Towers and the Observatory are just a few of the 11 traditional structures that exist within the Shaolin Temple itself. Of course all of the history and prestige acts a tremendous tourist draw as people from all corners of the globe come to explore and admire the temple located in the heart of China. This upgrade to a World Heritage Site can only improve interest from worldwide tourism which is something that China has been working towards increasing over the last few years, with the aim of strengthening the country’s economy.

The temple is found near the foot of Mount Songshan and has a serene and euphoric aura which lends itself to all travellers who come to admire its splendour. The Shaolin Temple is a classic example of Chinese culture and heritage that is certainly worth experiencing, though locals are concerned about over commercialisation, but this means that people are willing to strive to keep the traditional feel which is ideal for future tourists.

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