World’s Best Island Destinations Revealed in New Guide

Find your own perfect paradise island with the help of new guide

Travellers seeking a peaceful and secluded getaway for their next holiday may find what they are looking for in a new guide to the world’s top island destinations.

DK Travel has released the guide, which promises to provide insights on “some of the best little spots on the planet to sample the quirks that flourish in island isolation.” For those seeking an island trip within Europe, holidays to Lanzarote were recommended by the guide, highlighting the island’s dramatic landscape formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The popular tourist destination was also said to have a wealth of seaside towns to explore, such as the Playa Blanca.

Malta also got a mention in the guide as an enjoyable island holiday choice, thanks to its rich history and culture derived from the mixing of Arab and Italian influences over the centuries. Malta’s fine beaches and Mediterranean waters are perfect for sunbathing and swimming, and the island’s capital Valletta has some fine baroque architecture and art for visitors to view.

Long haul island trips are also covered in the guide, providing more adventurous options for those with bigger budgets and more time to spare. New Zealand’s South Island was recommended thanks to its many “natural marvels” such as mountains, glaciers, caves inhabited by glow worms, and the stunning Milford Sound fjord and surrounding area. Hawaii was also chosen as one of the world’s top island holiday destinations, with the guide picking out Oahu, the third largest island in the group, as a more unusual choice. Oahu was said to offer a unique “cultural melange” compared with the other Hawaiian islands.

Other island destinations mentioned in the guide included Isla Holbex in Mexico, Singapore and the island group of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, near Canada.

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