X-Ray Scanners Set To Tackle Liquid Ban

New Airport Scanners Able To Detect Liquid Explosives

A brand new airport scanner that can tell the difference between water and liquid explosives has been given the official EU approval. The scanner can even check the bar-code on your bottle to ensure that the contents have not been tampered with, heralding a new age of airport technology which will reduce passenger waiting time at airport security. Now that the machines have official approval they are set to be introduced into all European airports, a welcome relief to those that have faced the confusion surrounding liquid bans.

The ban on carrying liquids onboard an aircraft was imposed in 2006 after Police foiled a plot to smuggle explosives onto planes using everyday drinks containers. A further plot was uncovered last year as three Britons were jailed for life after attempting to destroy seven planes using explosives hidden in soft drink bottles. The present security rules have led to scenes of disruption and frustration as passengers are asked to dispose of their liquid containers before boarding.

The new scanners have been developed by Kromek, a company attached to Durham University. In a statement released by their chief executive Kromek explain that, ‘the best analogy is that compared to conventional X-ray scanners, this is the difference between seeing an object in black and white and seeing it in colour.’ Passengers looking to board an aircraft with a bottle will simply have to place the bottle into the scanner which will then determine if the container is carrying dangerous explosives. The current regulations regarding carrying liquids onto airplanes are set to be relaxed in April 2011, with the introduction of this new technology it may come around quicker than expected.

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