Yet Another One Bites the Dust

Kiss of Death!

Last week saw a few thousand holidaymakers heartbroken, and this week there will be a few thousand more. Kiss Flights is the latest casualty in this summer of despair for all thing travel related. If another does actually bite the dust, then I fear there will be no more dust left to bite. That last few flights of the companies existence headed for the coast of Greek Islands and Turkish mainland, those tourists will now be flying back via different airlines.

Figures of around 60,000 people from across the UK now find that their summer plans have been completely destroyed, though the comfort of a full refund will go some way to compensate. Many people returning home and learning of the news have said had they known they would not have risked flying with Kiss Flights. Currently there are many still abroad on holidays they booked with the recently book travel company who are now worrying because they are unsure of how they will get home. In these cases travel companies have insurance to ensure that customers are fully reimbursed and those travelling have new flight arranged.

It certainly seems as though summer for some isn’t as relaxing and care free as it should have been, that said the only people left out of pocket is Kiss Flights. In the future you might be able to avoid headaches if you do a touch of research into the travel company you’re using, because you never it could potentially ruin a special occasion.

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