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Andorra Holidays

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Little brick building on the top of a snowy mountain in Andorra

Andorra – Between the Borders of Spain and France

Sharing a border between two popular tourist countries Spain and France you can expect to enjoy close to the best of both worlds with Andorra holidays, only missing out on a beach. By this it means that during summer you can enjoy great weather to enjoy whilst travelling through the quaint towns and breathtaking countryside, at the other end of the scale in Andorra skiing is very popular in the mountains along the eastern perimeter of the country. One thing you can certainly rely on during a holiday in Andorra is that you won't be rudely awakened by low flying Boeings because there are in fact no airports in the country.

Getting into Andorra happens one of two ways, you can either fly to Barcelona in Spain or Toulouse in France and then get a transfer to your resort which can take up to 3 hours or get a helicopter ride which is recommended, which will only take around 30 to 40 minutes. Via a helicopter ride you will be able to enjoy a very unique view of the picturesque qualities of Andorra’s landscape. There are various ski complexes to choose from on Andorra holidays all of which provide holidaymakers with fantastic facilities and services.

Away from the slopes you will be able to enjoy just as much quality accommodation when staying in the various towns such as the countries capital Andorra la Vella. There is a regular bus service travelling into Spain to places like Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante which tourists can take advantage of, train services are also available which travel between both Spain and France. Car hire is something than many tourists use on Andorra holidays because it gives them the freedom to travel the country freely.

Andorra – Fun & Activities

The best way to enjoy Andorra holidays is to take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings that are on offer. In summer there is nothing better than taking a trek through the lush green mountainous landscape on guided tours or by simply doing a little of your own exploration. Treks from Arinsal are particularly popular as tourists enjoy the sights of the mountains and lakes on a delightful walk.

In Andorra, skiing is the most popular excursion for tourists and the mountainous areas in the west are the ideal place for this. The two popular areas for Andorra ski holidays are Vallnord and Grandvalira where there are many top class resorts for keen skiers and snowboarders. In Vallnord you can choose from the popular areas of Arinsal and Pal which are connected by a cable car and are both great locations for Andorra Skiing. Over in Grandvalira Pas de la Casa and Soldeu are the two most visited options to enjoy Andorra ski holidays.

Throughout the quaint towns and villages of Andorra which include places like Andorra la Vella, Santa Coloma and Escaldes-Engordany you can expect to find a lot of unique culture and old buildings and churches which are steeped in history. Shopping isn't one of Andorra's selling points when it comes to designer goods however what you can find you will notice that the price is surprisingly low and you may find yourself stocking up on many items. The reason for this is country doesn’t have tax on its products and it is known as a "tax haven".

Andorra – Food & Nightlife

You will notice on Andorra holidays that the cuisine available is a fusion between French and Catalan Spain influences. Hotels and other accommodation will serve tourist friendly dishes though you will notice that Andorran food is quite appetising and consists of various meats, vegetables and pasta. You will find the odd restaurant in some of the towns, which are a great way to enjoy the foreign culture on your holiday in Andorra.

While there are plenty of options on an evening to wind down an active day you shouldn’t expect roof raising clubs to line the streets. There are a few pubs and bars in the bigger towns where you can enjoy beers and wines with some live music. There are a couple of discos also to enjoy a fairly late night giving tourists the best option possible to enjoy a night on Andorra holidays. Also on an evening you can go bowling or even catch a movie.

Andorra - Weather Info

Summers are very warm in Andorra and during the peak months running from June to August you can certainly expect the weather to average around 25°C. This great weather makes hiking around the country’s fantastic countryside all the more magnificent adding to the lure of Andorra holidays.

During the colder months, Andorra holidays are just as popular, if not more so, as the mountains are a great place to go skiing. To enjoy the snow, the temperatures are of course going to be significantly lower with thermometer regularly reading below 0°C. Water proof clothing is advised during winter as rainfall will come at least one time every month during if you are in Andorra skiing.

Where is Andorra?

Take a look at this map of Andorra before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Andorra
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