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Argentina Holidays

Beautiful Cities and a Stunning Coastline

Nature landscape with Mt. Fitz Roy as seen in Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia, Argentina

Argentina – Second Largest Country in South America

Argentina is hugely popular with holidaymakers looking to enjoy the soul of South America. The choice of heading to the coast or Argentina cities offer you the chance of an unforgettable experience whether you aim to soak up the culture as much as the weather. With a cheap flight to Argentina you are able to take the family away to explore an exotic nation or fly away with friends on an exciting adventure holiday.

You will find major airports closely located to the cities when you are booking a flight to Argentina. The most likely form of transport for a transfer is by coach. This way you will be able to view much of the fascinating landscape and scenery.

The hotels in Argentina provides tourists on various different budgets the chance to come and enjoy the glorious Latin nation. Student hostels are present in most cities and popular coastal areas which is ideal for those looking for the best value possible. Mid range accommodation is available too which offer rooms with good facilities and amenities. If you have secured some cheap flights, Argentina might be the place where you can afford some great luxury in one of the 5 star hotels available in the likes of Buenos Aires. This way you can enjoy Argentina travel and relax in comfortable surroundings on an evening.

Trains run through the bigger cities in Argentina and you will be able to visit most places along the coast via rail. The buses available can take you practically anywhere through the country, provided you get on the right one. Taxis are another alternative available.

Argentina – Sightseeing & Activities

The long east coast of Argentina looks out onto the vast Atlantic Ocean and it offers many divine beaches for you to enjoy the view. In the province of Buenos Aires you will find great beaches in resorts such as San Clemente del Tuyu and Santa Teresita, both places are great for relaxing in the sun. At Pinamar and San Bernardo you will find a livelier atmosphere which provides various water sports to keep beach dwellers happy. Try out water skiing, paragliding or scuba diving during your time at the beach.

Away from the beach the history of Argentina becomes something which can entertain tourists. If you are in Cordoba for any amount of time you will be able to visit a large number of buildings such as the Compania de Jesus which is the oldest church in the country. Explore the religion and culture with visits to the Monument of San Martin and Velez Sarsfield. To get a great knowledge visit the various museums which are found all around cities like Cordoba, Rosario, San Juan and of course Buenos Aires.

Tours of Argentina are the best way to see the most significant monuments and the most breathtaking scenery the nation has to offer. Those more interested in the natural attractions will want to keep an eye out for Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia, Talampaya Canyon in La Rioja and Ischigualasto Natural Park in San Juan.

There is certainly plenty to see and do throughout the nation, but it always worth picking up a souvenir or two. In most cities and resorts you will find plenty of mementoes worth picking up, though the ones connected to excursions and landmarks are the best. Shopping in general can be very good in the cities as there are many international brand clothes, jewellery and perfumes on sale.

Argentina – Cuisine & Nightlife

You will be able to enjoy great food during holidays in Argentina as there are plenty influences throughout the nation. Descendents of the French, Italian and Spanish people live in Argentina and the cuisine certainly represents that. Restaurant menus generally tend to be very diverse to what things are like in Europe, which offers tourists a good variety. There are also places serving food from specific cuisines including many US orientated restaurants. If you are enjoying your stay in Argentina on a self catering basis then you will be able to pick up various ingredients and brand name food goods. Fast food options are readily available in the cities.

The night life is certainly something to savour, perhaps try taking up some tango lessons and bring home a hidden talent. You can enjoy some traditional drinks after a meal on an evening in an attempt to fully submerge yourself in Argentina culture. In the cities and throughout the coastal resorts you can find a lively atmosphere on an evening where tourists can enjoy drinks in bars before heading to some of the late clubs that have great music allowing you to dance long into the night.

Argentina - Weather & Climate

The weather in Argentina is different in each region you visit, so it is worthwhile taking note. In the north you can expect the weather to be great all year long, with the summers hot and the winter mild. Top summer temperatures in the north offer an average of 30°C during the day throughout the season, though some days will exceed that average. Winter is a worthwhile time to visit as the weather is much better than in the UK and you can visit various attractions outside the peak tourist season.

In central Argentina you will find that summer is pretty much the same as in the north, but there is the odd thunderstorm from time to time. Winter in this region is a little more dismal.

In the southern region of the nation summer will still be very warm with temperatures during the day always within between 20-30°C. However, winter in the region will be very snowy, the mountainous regions more so.

Where is Argentina?

Take a look at this map of Argentina before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Argentina

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