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Buenos Aires Holidays

The Beauty of City Life

Lujan river gives his name to this city near Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires – Capital of Argentina

If you are looking to enjoy the heart of modern Argentinean culture that you must experience a holiday in Buenos Aires. Explore the various sights and sounds of the historic elements and modern attractions, or relax at one of the nearby beaches or parks whilst enjoying the terrific year long weather. The various districts to the city allow families to come and relax over summer on the beaches, couples to come explore the fascinating history and groups to enjoy the modern sights and activities.

Buenos Aires flights are easy to come by as the city is the departure point for the rest of the country. Transfers tend to be reasonable enough coming from Ezeiza International Airport. Coaches tend to take around about an hour or so until you reach your accommodation, all is dependent on its location.

You will find that there is a variety of Buenos Aires hotels on offer which allow people travelling on all kinds of budgets to enjoy a holiday in Argentina. There are budget Buenos Aires apartments and hostels found throughout the city and its districts which are ideal for those looking for low cost rooms. There are reasonably priced hotels available too, mainly around 3 stars providing guests with typical facilities. If you want to enjoy your stay in supreme luxury then you can book a room at one of the various 5 star hotels which have world class facilities and services. Throughout all the accommodation available you will be able to choose from self catering, half board and all inclusive options.

Getting around on Buenos Aires holidays can be achieved with relative ease. Travel via the ‘Subte’ which is the subway system in the city. Buses are regular and very cheap. Taxis are also available if you don’t feel like getting lost.

Buenos Aires – Sightseeing & Activities

A holiday in Buenos Aires offers you a province full of beaches which are the perfect place to soak up the fantastic weather in the north of Argentina. The most popular resorts for families to choose from include Santa Teresita, Mar de Ajo and San Clemente. If you want the beach to provide you with plenty of entertainment during the day, then you can enjoy a wide variety of water sports at the beaches in Pinamar, San Bernardo and Villa Gesell.

Walking tours offer you the chance to enjoy and explore the fascinating streets of Buenos Aires where you will discover many facts. Visiting the various beautiful landmarks allow you to become thoroughly versed in the culture and history of Argentina’s capital. Certain things to look out for on Buenos Aires holidays include the Metropolitan Cathedral which is the countries most important. Teatro Colon is one of the world’s most renowned opera houses and has been open for more than a century. If you want to cheat then you can take a trip over to the National Museum of History which will enlighten you to the intriguing past and significance of the city.

You will be able to enjoy a fun shopping experience during a holiday in Buenos Aires as there are plenty of shops and shopping malls with various boutiques and outlets. You will be able to purchase top quality clothes, jewellery and perfumes including internationally renowned brands. Of course you can always find various shops and stalls selling great souvenirs.

Buenos Aires – Cuisine & Nightlife

There are quite a few places offering fantastic cuisine for tourists to enjoy. You will find that the cuisine tends to be quite varied which is ideal for most holidaymakers. A fusion of Italian, Spanish and French food will fill most menus whether you are enjoying a fine evening meal in one of restaurants in Buenos Aires or a light snack at a quaint cafe. When you are busy out exploring you will come across various fast food options also. If you are staying at one the hotels in Buenos Aires on a self catering basis, then you will find plenty of shops selling great food goods to make your own meals.

You can enjoy a classy evening to wind down the day which can greatly compliment the soothing and easy going culture that oozes from Buenos Aires holidays. Of course if you want to stay out late and enjoy the lively club scene then that opportunity is more than available. The arts in Buenos Aires are very highly regarded, so you may find that enjoying a live performance at the opera is something that is worth experiencing and savouring during you holiday.

Buenos Aires - Weather & Climate

The north of Argentina enjoys great weather all year round, which is why Buenos Aires holidays are so popular with travellers from all around the world. You will find that the whole of summer has temperatures as high as 30°C. Summer there occurs during the winter period in Europe, so you are certainly able to enjoy a sunny getaway from the dismal weather in the UK. The beaches along the coast provide the ideal setting to soak up the endless sun.

The colder months come during the summer in the UK, yet the temperatures are still higher. The average temperate will always be over 10°C throughout the day. This just shows that anytime is the perfect time to enjoy a taste of the Latin lifestyle and culture.

Where is Buenos Aires?

Take a look at this map of Buenos Aires before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Buenos Aires
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