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Australia Holidays

Relaxing on the Coast of Australia

Goldcoast, Queensland, Australia

Australia – Largest Country of Oceania

People from all walks of life and tourists of any persuasion can find a reason to visit and explore this huge nation enjoying some memorable Australia travel. With over 10,000 beaches along the Australia coast that alone is reason to attract the majority of the countries annual tourism, but there is so much more to be explored and admired. There are many great value Australia deals available throughout the year which makes it much easier to reach the land down under.

There are plenty of busy international airport throughout the country so there are plenty of ways to get in, but the fact there are so many airports makes it easier for those looking to experience a little Australia travel to other places too.

There is plenty of accommodation available within Australia for people to choose from to enjoy their holiday. There are various hostels throughout the cities and Australia coast which are ideal for low budget travellers. Apartments and hostels are ideal for those who are looking to enjoy a bit of Australia travel as they tend to always have enough space for a few people. You will also be able to find many luxury hotels to stay in during Australia holidays if you are looking to enjoy a 5 star experience.

With flights, trains, buses, taxis and hire cars among other forms of transport you will find Australia travel very easy, which is great if you want to pack as much fun and sightseeing into your holiday as possible.

Australia – Sightseeing & Activities

Australia holidays are much loved for the time you can spend on the magnificent Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is where you can expect to find the best of the Australia beach scene, many of the coast finest 10,000 beaches will be found along the west coast near to Brisbane. Around the beach you can enjoy sunbathing in the fantastic weather or enjoy one of the many water sports on offer. Choose from water sports such as parasailing and scuba diving among others, but the most popular with locals and tourists alike is surfing. One popular aspect of the coast in Australia is the magnificent Great Barrier Reef which is one of few places on Earth that can be seen from space.

Although Brisbane has the Gold Coast nearby it has other attractions that draw in tourists such as theme parks. Choose from Dreamworld, Sea World and the Warner Bros Movie World during you Australia holiday, places with are popular with families. Sydney is one of Australia most popular holiday destinations where you can enjoy various sightseeing such as the Sydney Opera House and the famous harbour which is a great place to be during the New Year’s Eve festivities.

The natural beauty of Australia is truly fantastic and with so many boat rides and wildlife safaris you can see some of the world’s most magnificent creatures that most tourists are most likely to have never seen up close and personal before. One of the best landmarks worth visiting on Australia travel is Uluru located in the red centre.

Shopping in Australia is very good and you will be able to purchase many great souvenirs and excellent designer goods. There are many great high street shops and malls where you will be able enjoy a good spree, Melbourne particularly good.

Australia – Cuisine & Nightlife

During your Australia travel you will find various places to enjoy a fine meal during the day and on the evening. During the day during exploration of the country you can found various fast food options and places offering light meals. There are many places to eat at on an evening with British, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, American and Australian restaurants available in most areas.

The nightlife in Australia is terrific and most areas have great bars and lively clubs with serve drinks and play music well into the morning hours. The party culture isn’t the only activity on offer on an evening, Australia has many live performing arts and music shows on in the major cities as well as cinemas to watch a movie on an evening.

Australia – Weather & Climate

The weather in Australia in general is very hot which is why many people travel to the nation at anytime of the year. The climate of the country is slightly different between the north and south regions. The summer months of Australia come during the winter months of the UK, during this time you can expect the hottest of the weather be around 50°C. This intense weather offers plenty of chance to work on a great tan, though plenty of sun tan lotion is strongly recommended.

Winter offers up cooler temperatures though things will rarely ever go below double figures during the day in Australia. The wettest month of the year is July, but during the month you can still expect the weather to be warm. Though anytime is warm in the country it’s always wise to check to weather or forecast of the place or places you will be visiting.

Where is Australia?

Take a look at this map of Australia before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Australia

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